How do I donate to the Monastery?

Donating to the Monastery is easy! The current way is simply to send a check made out to the Carmelite Monastery. Their mailing address is P.O. Box 4210, Georgetown, CA 95634. All donations to the Carmelite Monastery are tax deductible.

Can I donate to the Auxiliary?

Yes! You can use the Donate button on our home page, or you can send donations to the Carmelite Auxiliary at P.O. Box 174, Georgetown, CA 95634. At the present time, the Auxiliary does not have a tax free status. As soon as we have it, we will inform our members.

what does the Auxiliary use donated funds for?

Funds donated to the Auxiliary are currently used for maintenance of our services. There are expenses associated with putting on the Luncheon, the Prayer on the Mountain events, and the website. There are mailing costs and other such expenses that come out of our operating expenses. 

In the future, we hope to do some fundraising for large building projects at the Monastery.  At that time, we hope to have a tax deductible status, so that funds earmarked for those projects will be tax deductible.


Can I visit with the Nuns if I come up to the Monastery?

People are welcome to visit the grounds out front, or the Chapel at the Monastery, but all visits with the Nuns are at the discretion of the Mother Prioress. Visits are prearranged by phone or by letter. Please understand that the Nuns are cloistered, and as such, do not receive visitors except by appointment in advance.

Where is the Auxiliary located?

The Auxiliary does not have a physical "home." When we have events, we meet in the St. John Villa on the Monastery property. Our mailing address is a post office box in Georgetown. Our active members live all over the greater Sacramento area, but we have members from all over the United States. Our Board of Directors meets at St. Joseph Church in Auburn, CA, and that is the current location of our Fundraiser Luncheon in the Fall.

How can I get more involved in the Auxiliary?

 Signing up for our Newsletter will keep you posted on events such as the making of Holy Face Kits,  working on this year's quilt, or attending a Prayer on the Mountain Event. Everyone is always welcome to join in the activities! Many hands make light work, and you meet the best people in the Auxiliary.