Newsletter #8 - Summer Harvest

J.M. + J.T.

A Letter from Mother

Dear Ones,

Dear to God, to the Holy Family, and to your Sisters in Georgetown.  It is good to pause for a minute in the midst of this hot summer weather, and refresh ourselves in the “cool breezes” blowing from Mount Carmel across the seas to us.

We survived the Trailhead fire but could actually see the flames quite close.  We understand that some of you were more immediately affected and had to evacuate your homes.  We hope you didn’t suffer any loss that couldn’t be replaced, and that you’re all hale and hearty now.  Thank you for your continued attendance at the “Prayer on the Mountain” days, your work on the benefit dinner in October, and the wonderful Holy Face devotion kits.  The knotted chaplets are attractive and useful, and it’s so handy to have all the prayer materials close at hand.  Bravo to all of you who worked on them!


We’ve been harvesting fruits and vegetables, before the raccoons get them!  We are particularly enjoying over-sized peaches at the moment.  The Sisters covered the trees with netting to keep birds and critters away.  When the fruit falls, it is gathered up at the bottom of the net without touching the ground.  By opening a slit in the net, the fruit drops out like a vending machine, making it easy to collect, and return to its fate in the kitchen…”Thank you” to all of you who have worked on our grounds, our orchard, our trails, anywhere that the need presented itself.  THANK YOU!

With the entrance of Anna to our community on July 23rd, there are now 15 of us to pray for you and benefit from your charity.  May the good God keep you safe and cool throughout the summer, and may we all grow in love of God and neighbor through the prayers of Our Lady of Mount Carmel!

United with you in Carmel,
Mother Mary Bethany and Sisters

From the Auxiliary

In the heat of summer, we have much to be grateful for.  Besides surviving the fire, we are thankful for all our workers who have helped on the property this summer, especially for Ben and Carla Pelka. Thank you!!! In preparation for the October Luncheon, we are especially grateful to all the members who have helped in planning, as well as others who are helping to sell tickets and prepare for this event. We are grateful to Advantage Printing in Auburn, owned by Dean Wood, for donating the ticket printing for us, and the Knights of Columbus at St. Joseph Parish who will be cooking the Italian food for the luncheon. We are very blessed!

Our last Prayer on the Mountain for 2016 was a huge success. Zori Freidrich led us on a beautiful journey into Grace, and we had fun in this more participative workshop. Thank you, Zori! This entire series was so well-received that we hope to have another series like it next spring.

Luncheon News:

  • GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! Luncheon tickets are only $20.00 and are available from the following people: Shirley Mraz, Eileen Sapnaro, Bill Gilsdorf, Anne Rooney, Robin Van Hook, Brenda McCollum, Sara Cotterill, and Kathy Bauer. You can also get tickets by emailing us at  
  • Raffle items are needed! Please email us if you have any raffle items available.
  • Silent Auction items are also needed. Silent auction items are generally worth more value then raffle items and could be services as well as things. If you have something of value to donate as a silent auction item, please email us. WE NEED SILENT AUCTION ITEMS TOO!

Mark your calendars now: OCTOBER 8, 12:00 – 3:00, St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, Auburn

Addition to the Monastery: Mother mentioned Anna in her letter above. Anna Kreslins comes to Carmel from Idaho, and originally from Michigan. Anna is a lovely, mature young woman who hails from a large family. Her father is a Youth Minister. Anna sings, plays guitar, and writes her own music! Please join in praying for Anna as she begins her vocation in Carmel. We pray that God blesses her in a special way throughout her postulancy.

Visitors: Two priests and one brother have been guests this summer, giving retreats to the Sisters or being on retreat themselves. Please pray for Carmelite Brother Matthias as he prepares for his solemn profession in September!

Please come to the luncheon! Get your tickets by emailing me now!

Love in Christ,
Patty MacEgan

Patricia MacEgan