Newsletter #16 - Springtime News



A Letter from Mother Mary Bethany

Dear friends of Mary, beloved Auxiliary members,


Happy greetings of Springtime from your Sisters in the El Dorado forest!  The poetry of nature is all around us – and some of its challenges too, like a growling fox family living in one of our irrigation drain pipes, or the poison oak that blooms so prettily every year –but God shows forth His power and splendor in the natural creation around us.  As we behold the beauty, our minds are raised to think of Him.

And isn’t that what prayer could be said to be?  A perception crosses our path – a sentiment stirs our heart – and we turn to think of Him with love.  Distractions are a marvelous source of prayer, because every stray thought can be brought back captive to Christ, and be given over to Him as soon as we notice it.  Prayer is rarely perfect, without distraction, totally focused.  Often it is a snatched moment here, a cursory thought there – but it takes us back to God if we go with love.  Don’t worry if your times of prayer are not textbook perfect.  He always hears us, no matter how broken we may be.  He listens, as a Father…

We, the nuns of Carmel, are very grateful to each one of you, for your commitment and openhearted generosity.  You keep us going in our house of prayer.  You are never absent from our intentions or daily remembrances.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.  And please say a prayer for us too!

In Christ,

Mother Mary Bethany and Sisters

Auxiliary News

Dear Members,

On May 19 we welcomed Father Matthew Spencer to our talk series held at the Marello Youth Retreat Center, Loomis. A great crowd of nearly 100 people were in attendance, and we have some new members! Fr. Spencer’s entire talk is available on our website home page.

There is some important news you should know about. First, the Monastery has been without a chaplain since Father Tom Timmons retired to the Bay Area. We miss Father Tom, and wish him well. Father James had been filling in, but has been reassigned. Now we are waiting for the Bishop to give us a new chaplain. Your prayers are needed for this, as it is hard on the sisters. They have a schedule, but their schedule has been turned upside down because of never knowing when a priest will come to say Holy Mass. In a sense, this is what we all may face as our priests retire and there are too few young priests to replace them. Let us pray for more priesthood vocations, and pray also that the Bishop can find a priest to be the Monastery chaplain.

Second, the Monastery is in need of a live-in caretaker couple. Jim still goes up to the Monastery each week, and occasionally brings crews of friends to help him. But the Sisters really want a couple to live in the caretaker house and be a presence out in front. The caretaker house is lovely, and they are looking for a couple who can handle the chores of raking, mowing, and general maintenance that the place needs. (The big jobs can be contracted out).The restrictions are that the couple have no live-in children (they can be older.)  Utilities and satellite are the only fees. Of course, the Sisters would want a Catholic couple. Contact the Monastery for more information or if you know of someone who could do this job.

There are some important dates to remember! Sr. Carmelita is celebrating her Golden Jubilee and all of you are invited. The date is July 2, and these Masses are usually at 10:00 AM. Father Adam, their Provincial, will be the celebrant. You will be able to greet Sr. Carmelita, along with Mother Mary Bethany, after Mass, and then there will be a reception in the St. John Villa.

Another date to keep in mind is July 16, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. You may call the Monastery for Mass time that day, as it is unknown right now. Their number is 530-333-1617. If I get a time, I can send it out by email to you.

SAVE THIS DATE! October 6 is our big Fundraiser Spaghetti Luncheon! 

This year the location is at St. Mel’s Parish in Fair Oaks. It holds more people, and we hope to fill it up with your help.  Please plan on attending. To register, go online at or call Brenda. (Please email us for the contact information.) Please note, we are not printing paper tickets this year. Your registration by web or phone is enough. 

As always, please remember the Sisters if you are thinking of donating. Their address is on the heading of this newsletter. Thank you for your prayers, for your faithfulness, and for your generosity.

In Christ,

Patty MacEgan

Patricia MacEgan