Donations made to the Auxiliary

Click on the above Donate Now link, and your donation will be sent directly to the Carmelite Auxiliary. Funds donated to the Auxiliary are sent to the Monastery. We only retain those funds necessary for our expenses: those expenses associated with putting on the Luncheon, the Prayer on the Mountain events, and the website. There are mailing costs and other such expenses that come out of our operating expenses. At the present time, the Auxiliary does not have a tax free status. As soon as we have it, we will inform our members. 

In the future, we hope to do some fundraising for large building projects at the Monastery.  At that time, we hope to have a tax deductible status, so that funds earmarked for those projects will be tax-deductible.

Can I Donate directly to the Monastery?

Carmelite Monastery Georgetown

Yes! Since the Auxiliary exists to support the Monastic Community of the Carmelite Nuns of Sacramento, we encourage our members to send their donations directly to the Monastery. Some people like to send them a monthly donation; others send donations when they can. Some people bring donations of fish or vegetables and staples to their delivery door. Since we do not stipulate how you may donate, we are constantly surprised by the thoughtfulness of people. All monetary donations made directly to the Monastery are tax-deductible.

Please note: there are certain items that the nuns do not need. This would include clothing items, since they wear a specific habit. Knick knacks and fancy items are also not needed. However, basic cooking essentials, writing materials and toiletries are useful. If in doubt, you can always call the Monastery and ask.

The mailing address for donations is:

Carmelite Monastery
P.O. Box 4210
Georgetown, CA 95634

The phone number if you need to ask them a question about a specific donation, or request prayer, is 530-333-1617. Please note they are a Monastic community and as such they cannot return all phone messages. If you ask for prayer for a particular intention, be assured that they have received your request and will pray for your intention until you let them know otherwise.   

What joy to be able to give back to the Carmelite Sisters. These women have given up the world so that they may pray for us constantly. Being out here in the world and knowing that we are helping to support the monastery is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever done in my life.
— Toni Collins, Auxiliary Member

Long-term Goals

The Auxiliary has been given permission by Reverend Mother Mary Bethany for two building projects. The first is a concrete sidewalk to the St. John Villa. The second is a meditative walk in the woods below the St. John Villa. 

The sidewalk will extend from the drive downhill to the Villa in roughly the same way as the sidewalk to the Priest’s house. The St. John Villa is the house we use for our meetings and for Prayer on the Mountain. A dirt path is currently in use to get from the drive down to the Villa. The concrete path will replace the dirt path, but it will have to start with a few stairs at the top, since it is steep.  We are currently looking for someone who can help us with planning and pouring the sidewalk.

The meditative path is not completely visualized at this point, but something like a rosary walk is being considered, especially since it was something Mother Christine had envisioned years ago. This meditative path would provide a prayerful, safe walking area under the trees for guests. We will have to build it in stages. The first stage would be to level a path with some type of dozer. The second stage would be to lay gravel on the path, or some other walkable material. The third stage would be to locate, purchase and install the right kind of markers, and even a few benches along the path. We are looking for a project supervisor for this job.

With these tasks in mind, some of the donations we take in at the annual luncheon will be earmarked for these projects. Of course, if any materials or labor are donated, more funds can be given directly to the Nuns.